Thanks so much! 

Hello friends!
Well that Arctangent thingy was just awesome!
We'd like thank everyone for all the good vibes over there, having played a show that we won't forget!
Next step, Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg on the 19th of September!


Summer, summer, summertime! 

Well, it's summertime and we're ready to hit the road for a couple of dates and festival before working on all the details of what will be album number three!

Be sure to catch us in July in Mainz at the Kulturklub Schön Schön (D) with our buddies dana.plan and the 26th at the Food For Your Senses in Biessen (L)!

Stay connected for more info boyos!

News from the Mutiny camp 

Hey friends!
It's been a while since our last update.
We came back from our UK/Irish tour with loads of good memories in our heads, it has been a pretty cool trip, especially going to Ireland for the very first time!

We've seen very great bands and met awesome people!

Stay tuned for  more news to come soon!

"Mapping The Universe" video out today! 

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

we're finally out of the studio with our third album in hands! We'd like to thank everyone at Ghost City Recordings  and Jan Kersher for their amazing work, we really can't wait to finally show you how this new album sounds!
Many of you will be very surprised!

In the meantime, you can enjoy our new video for "Mapping The Universe" directed by Luke Bather from Plastic Zoo.

Stay tuned for more news pretty soon!

Studio Diary Episode II 

Hey everyone!

Have a look at our newest episode from our studio diary! It's even sillier and geekier than the first episode!

We're still tracking and working on the new songs. But it sound already very good ;)

We keep you updated!


Mutiny On The Bounty

Recording the third album 

Hey everyone!

We entered Ghost City Recordings (near Nürnberg in Germany) a couple of days ago. The producer for our third album is Jan Kerscher, who recorded, mixed and produced bands like An Early Cascade, AION, El Camino Car Crash and our friends INBORN and Dirty Crows. Recently, he even teamed up with producer legend Ross Robinson for the mix of the new record from We are Knuckle Dragger. Here's a link to his web site. Go check it out, it's awesome to the max!

Since entering the studio we started tracking the first songs and also experimenting on new sound textures and soundscapes!

We will upload every now and then some videos of what we're experiencing in the studio!
Here's the first video of our studio diary!


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